Words in Groups

I like putting words together into sentences. I also like putting sentences together into a collection of thoughts about whatever topic is on my mind. That’s what this site is, a place for me to share my thoughts in writing about whatever thoughts cross my head deemed interesting enough for me to put into words. This will be both fiction and non-fiction.

My wants for this site are two-fold:

  1. I want a place that isn’t just a social media site to keep my thoughts together and share with others without the stigma of “social media.”
  2. I want a place where I can write and get active feedback about my writing. That could be other people’s opinions or arguments about the topics I write about. It could also be constructive criticism on the way I write, the stories I share, and/or what you would like me to tackle next.

So, please, join me in my attemptĀ to put words in groups, hopefully, allowing someone to find enjoyment and insight.

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