It’s the Final Countdown: Road Back/Resurrection/Return with the Elixir

I played trumpet all through junior high and high school. I remember many of the songs we’d played over the years, and most of them are very fond memories. But one song in particular is not, Europe’s Final Countdown. Final Countdown was definitely in the Top 5 of my Least Favorite Songs to play for pep band. It would always come towards the end of the session, after I’d already worn out my lips. The trumpet part was that synth piano part of the song- you know, the part everyone likes.  It’s a damn catchy tune, and audiences love it. But to me, it was rather repetitive.

I’d like to sign off on this journey in a catch way. Sometime that builds the audience up as we part and go off into new journeys. I’d like to. But, to me, this whole thing has gotten repetitive. I always illustrate the new part of the journey with examples from moving pictures. Then I attempt to segue into whatever is going on with myself with relation to that stage of the journey. It started out fun for me to add in movie references since movies are my primary method of experiencing other people’s stories, ahead of reading. But then it gets to be formulaic and a bit like homework. I don’t want that feeling anymore. I don’t want my writing to get stale. So, for this last post, I’m switching up my style.

These last three parts will be presented to you, still with my relation to them in my juicing journey, in the form of a poem, three poems exactly, one for each stage.

Technically, the last day of my juicing journey will be November 8th, but starting November 1st, I will be moving to my next writing project. I am going to try my hand at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to write a 50,000 word rough draft during the second to last month of 2017. Meaning too, I probably won’t be posting anything on this site for an entire month.

So without further adieu, our “final countdown” of The Juicer’s Journey.

The Road Back

Fresh fruits and veggies,
A spinning blade, exhausted.
My juice runneth out.


The Resurrection

Halloween candy,
Greasy pizza, fried chicken,
‘n Five extra miles.


Return with the Elixir

Time for a movie,
Removing my jogging shoes,
A juice in my hand.



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