Epilogue to The Juicer’s Journey

It’s been 33 days since I last posted about my journey of juicing and wellness, so I thought I’d spend some time giving an update of things.

  1. I haven’t made a juice since the thirty days were up.
  2. I did keep jogging for awhile, until it got cold out.
  3. Lately, it hasn’t been cold out, North Dakota cold anyway. So I should really start again.
  4. I only made it into NaNoWriMo a few days before I let home, work, and a podcast take over that bit of writing time.
  5. I don’t feel bad about it.
  6. I am in the throws of starting a movie podcast with a couple of friends!
  7. I will let you know when we have posted them online.
  8. I’ve since done some more research about juice fasting- in particular the fasting bit- and have come to understand that it’s really not a good idea.
  9. I’ve been telling people and myself that I will get back on incorporating juicing back into my diet, as well as regular exercise, after the holidays. I’ve also told people and myself that this was a conscience decision due to the holiday season. I don’t remember if that was my original intention or if I just started saying it because it sounds nice.
  10. I’ve convinced myself that I actually will start my journey eating after the holidays, so I’m going with it.
  11. I need to get back onto some health regimen again. Although I haven’t gained back the weight yet, I’ve been watching myself slip into some of my old habits again.
  12. Today was the first time since before starting the journey, over 80 days, that I snuck fast food as an extra meal. It was McDonald’s. I didn’t regret it until after the fries and the McDouble. I couldn’t finish the rest. Not because I physically couldn’t, but I didn’t want to do that to myself.
  13. Now, writing this, I feel like crap as all that garbage food courses through my body.
  14. Overall, thirty-three days later, I really do regret stopping. I just have to stop making excuses again.  I have the best laid plans to start again soon and just stick with it.

I just hope nothing else “Gang aft a-gley.”

Thanks for reading.

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