Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Non-Spoiler) Review

Now that the wait is over, here are my initial thoughts -no spoilers- on The Last Jedi, after only the first viewing, mind you (a longer, in-depth spoiler-y gush of thoughts to come later).

Rian Johnson has crafted a true Star Wars EPIC in scale and in scope, but he’s also woven together a dramatic character study for our heroes and villains (as far as a blockbuster-type movie has ever gone).

On a purely surface-level of entertainment value, it was fantastic and paced very well, especially for the longest Star Wars movie to date. The action set pieces were a spectacle to view. The planets were fresh yet familiar within the universe, not just a new Tatooine or a new Moon of Endor.

The comedy hit, for me, 95% of the time, and there’s a surprising amount of character humor that actually serves the story. But Johnson also knew when NOT to cut the tension with quips or porgs (yes, they are as cute as you think).

But deeper, it’s themes and ideas, the places the characters go emotionally and the expansion of the mythology and canon, left me wanting to see it again and chew over the movie more. If you have any expectations about where the story or characters are going, fahgettaboudit!

Admittedly, a few scenes don’t quite work for me, either because of execution (of the scene) or because I thought the point could have been made a different way.

But otherwise, yeah, I loved it! It’s going to be a movie I think about and talk about long after leaving the theater. This is just barely skimming the surface. I can’t wait to actually talk to someone who’s seen it. So get on it people!

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 Beards

4 point 8 beards


3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Non-Spoiler) Review

  1. I got to see the movie last Friday and enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought there was not enough Chewie and the shoulder dust off was a little much. These are very minor nitpicks in an otherwise outstanding movie.

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